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Tuffnells courier services in the UK and internationally

Tuffnells is a courier service provider based in the UK, primarily focused on transporting large parcels and other freight. Find out how parcel and pallet deliveries with Tuffnells work and how long they take to ship. Instead of waiting for a quote, use our booking tool to get the price right away.

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Tuffnells is a courier service provider based in the UK, primarily focused on transporting large parcels and other freight. Find out how parcel and pallet deliveries with Tuffnells work and how long they take to ship. Instead of waiting for a quote, use our booking tool to get the price right away.


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How long do Tuffnells take to deliver parcels and pallets?

Tuffnells offers a variety of express parcel and pallet delivery services, each one with its own delivery times and schedules. Tuffnells Next Day Delivery services are ideal for sending small and large parcels quickly across mainland UK, while offshore shipments to islands and Ireland take 2-3 working days.

For international shipments, the Tuffnells delivery time is up to 5 working days, although this may vary depending on international customs procedures. You can check Tuffnells delivery times and other information about international shipping in the table below.

Tuffnells express next-day delivery times

ServiceDestinationDelivery time
Next Day Delivery (Before 09:30 am)Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales)1 working day by 9:30
Next Day Delivery (Before 10:30 am)Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales)1 working day by 10:30
Next Day Delivery (Before 12:00 noon)Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales)1 working day by 12:00
Saturday DeliveryGreat Britain (England, Scotland, Wales)Saturday by 12:00 (Pick-up on Friday)

Tuffnells offshore and international delivery times

ServiceDestinationDelivery time
Offshore DeliveryUK offshore islands, Ireland2-3 working days
International DeliveryWorldwide destinations3-5 working days

What kind of items do Tuffnells express courier service deliver?

Tuffnells delivers everything from small items to large parcels, as well as palletised freight and odd-shaped items. Their Next Day Delivery services are a popular option for sending items up to 6 metres in length and 100 kg in weight. Check below some of the most popular items that customers have delivered internationally with Tuffnells express courier service:

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FAQ on Tuffnells express parcel and pallet delivery services

Do Tuffnells deliver on Saturday or Sunday?
Tuffnells offers a premium Saturday delivery service (before 12.00 midday), which is available in most of mainland UK. On the other hand, Tuffnells does not offer a Sunday delivery option.
Do Tuffnells courier services deliver pallets?
Yes, Tuffnells delivers pallets up to 1,000 kg stacked to a maximum height of 1.5 m. However, Tuffnells pallet delivery is limited to two pallets per destination per day.
Need to ship a larger load? Choose from Eurosender's range of Pallet Delivery services or other road freight transport options to send as many pallets as you need throughout Europe.
What time do Tuffnells usually deliver parcels and pallets until?
Tuffnells delivers parcels and pallets throughout mainland UK within specific timeframes. You can choose from the following options:
  • Next Day Delivery (Before 09:30 am)
  • Next Day Delivery (Before 10:30 am)
  • Next Day Delivery (Before 12:00 noon)
Tuffnells do not specify later delivery times on their official website, but you can always contact them directly for more information about delivery times in your local area.
How long does it take for Tuffnells courier services to deliver?
With Tuffnells Next Day Delivery services, you can send items in 1 working day and even choose specific delivery timeframes. Tuffnells delivery times are 2-3 working days for offshore shipments and 3-5 working days for international shipments.
How do I get a quote with Tuffnells and send a parcel?
Getting a quote with Tuffnells and booking your order is simple if you follow the steps below:
  1. Pack your parcel or pallet carefully. Use a good quality cardboard box and cushioning materials to protect your items.
  2. Measure and weigh your shipment so that you get an accurate quote with Tuffnells.
  3. Go to Tuffnells official website, create a user account or log into your existing account.
  4. Insert your shipping information and book your Tuffnells parcel or pallet express delivery.
Alternatively, if you don't want to wait for a quote, simply go to our booking tool!
Do Tuffnells deliver parcels or pallets to Northern Ireland?
Yes, you can ship small or heavy parcels to Northern Ireland with Tuffnells Offshore Delivery service. The estimated delivery time for this service is 2-3 working days. If you need to send an urgent parcel to Northern Ireland, book Express Delivery with Eurosender and have your items delivered in 24h from Europe or 48-72h from other global destinations.
What happens if I miss my Tuffnells parcel delivery?
Tuffnells courier service transports undelivered parcels back to the local depot and stores them in a safe place. The driver will automatically attempt to redeliver your parcel on the next business day unless you rearrange the delivery for another date. After 3 attempted deliveries, the parcel will be returned to the sender.
If you are not likely to be available within the next 2 days, you can arrange for the goods to be left at the delivery address with the authorisation of the sender. To reschedule a Tuffnells parcel delivery, please contact the sender of the goods.
What does out for delivery mean with Tuffnells?
When your Tuffnells parcel tracking status indicates "out for delivery", it means that Tuffnells courier services are transporting your parcel towards the delivery location that day. The Tuffnells parcel tracking status receives its next update depending on the outcome of the delivery attempt.
Why is my Tuffnells international parcel tracking not working?
If the Tuffnells parcel tracking status is not updated for more than a couple of days or if it has passed its expected delivery date, you should contact the sender or Tuffnells courier services for further information. Tracking update delays may happen due to long transit distances, delays in the tracking system, or high volumes of items to be processed at sorting depots.
Read more about how parcel tracking works.
Are Tuffnells parcel deliveries insured?
Yes, every parcel delivery booking with Tuffnells includes £25 of coverage. You can purchase additional coverage to a maximum of £2,000.
How do I contact Tuffnells delivery service?
There are a number of ways you can contact Tuffnells courier service if you have an enquiry or would like to leave feedback about their services:
Recipients: Account holders with an enquiry about Tuffnells delivery services should use the contact details provided to them privately to get assistance from a Customer Service Advisor.
New account enquiry: Please contact the sender of the goods who will be able to assist through the method above. If you wish to track a Tuffnells international parcel delivery, you can use the Track and Trace service on Tuffnells official website.
Contact forms: If you are new to Tuffnells and interested in knowing more about their services, you can submit a new account application via their online form.
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Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research conducted in September 2022. For more information about Tuffnells parcel and pallet delivery services, please check the official website of Tuffnells.