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Whether you are an avid skier or you need an excuse to pull out the ski gear buried in your closet, you may want to consider shipping your skis to your next snowy destination. Why would you do that? Think of all the hassle you can avoid. Instead of trying to fit your favorite pair of skis in your luggage and paying enormous fees at the airport, you can pack and ship them all the way to your mountainside accommodation. Here, we will teach you how to Pack Skis for shipping.

What do you need?

Packaging Material and Supplies

  1. Screwdriver – to remove bindings;
  2. Zip ties or strong rubber bands – for tying skis;
  3. Bubble wrap – to protect your equipment;
  4. Duct tape – for sealing the box;
  5. Foam – for internal cushioning of your package;
  6. Cardboard box – to pack your ski gear.

Where to get the supplies?

  1. Screwdriver – any hardware/DIY store (i.e. Bauhaus, Castorama or Leroy Merlin);
  2. Zip ties or strong rubber bands – any hardware store, stationery shop or supermarket;
  3. Bubble wrap – any hardware store, stationery shop or supermarket;
  4. Duct tape – any hardware store, stationery shop or supermarket;
  5. Foam – any hardware store;
  6. Cardboard box – any hardware store or stationery shop, but you can also find used ones in any local store or supermarket.

How to properly pack skis for shipping?

  1. First things first – you should get rid of your bindings. Make your life easier and take all the brakes off the skis. This way, to avoid them from being damaged during shipment. If you’re unable to do so, don’t worry. Just grab some zip ties or strong rubber bands to keep the brakes in up position;
  2. Next step is all about protecting the tips and tails of your skis. You can use bubble wrap, foam or soft cloth,  especially around the ends. You should also consider taking a piece of cardboard and some duct tape to wrap around the entire length of the skis;
  3. The last thing left to do is placing your skis base to base into a sturdy cardboard box. Add enough foam to cushion the content of your package. Avoid your skis from sliding around by filling the box with packing peanuts. You’re almost done! Don’t forget to make sure your package is closed and sealed properly.


Things to remember before shipping

  1. Think twice before you decide to pack skis for shipping in a ski bag. You can do it as long as you place the bag and its content in a cardboard box. Soft bags are not the best choice when it comes to shipping services. Hard cases are always a better option as long as you wrap them in plastic foil;
  2. Choose the right box – try not to use boxes that are much bigger than your skis, so that they don’t slide around. Pick ones that are sturdy and strong enough to protect your ski gear during transport;
  3. Pack your skis carefully – This is crucial to ensure that your equipment gets to the desired destination in one piece;
  4. Measure your package accurately before placing the order for shipping. This information is required for calculating the price of shipping. Make sure your box will not exceed those dimensions in the end;
  5. Place the order at least 2 days before your departure, keeping the festive periods in mind. The sooner the better.
  6. Find out if you need to print out and stick any labels on the package. Depending on the service selected, the courier drivers might bring the labels with them.

Although packing your equipment may seem like a lot of work, it’s a fairly simple process. Save yourself from the trouble and let your ski gear wait for you when you finally reach your holiday destination. Sounds good? Well, just follow these simple steps in order to get your skis ready for transportation.

If you’re still not sure how to pack skis for shipping, feel free to get in touch with our shipping experts and see what else you can send with Eurosender.

Last modified: August 17, 2017

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