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Living away from home to study or work in another country is a great life experience, but there always comes a time when we crave some taste of home. This is, even more, the case during festive periods like Easter, Christmas, birthdays and so on. So, why not have your family or friends ship you something that would give you the illusion to be home for a short while? We can understand this desire and shipping has become so easy, and affordable nowadays that people tend to overuse shipping services. From time to time, someone tries to send a package by a courier and doesn’t see any reason why he wouldn’t be able to do it but well… Every once in a while, courier companies have to refuse a shipment because of its content which can definitely be characterized as unusual or even bizarre. Eurosenders funny shipment request series continues. This time we made a list of the weirdest and funniest things, people try to send to and from Romania. Check them out now!

bizarre shipments to Romania


Shipping food

Even if courier companies don’t recommend to ship packages containing food and consider food as something forbidden from transport, there are so many people who still do it. And well, we understand why. No matter how good of a cook you are, you’ll never be able to find all the local ingredients that make a dish like a sarmale. But if you do ship food, please make sure that the food will stay fresh and still comestible for at least a week. After the pickup, deliveries can take up to 5 business days so shipping raw meat by standard courier, for example, might not be a great idea! And on the contrary, shipping canned and packaged foods can be so easy if you pack it properly.

*Please be aware that if you decide to ship items listed as forbidden, you will be responsible for any damages or expenses incurred.

Animals and plants

If you really love and miss your pet that stayed home when you went to live somewhere abroad, do not put it through such a dangerous and frightening experience as traveling in a closed, dark box across the world.. Go visit him often enough or just take him on the road with you.
Sending potted plants via courier is possible, but there are certain restrictions related to their transportation. That way, we will provide helpful shipping and packaging guidelines for potted plants, evergreen trees, outdoor and inland plants. You will also get an instant delivery quote for potted plants and for those growing outdoors. If you have any questions regarding plant shipping or about anything else, feel free to contact us.

Firewood and fireplace

It’s not the most popular item our clients’ ship every day, but who doesn’t like snoozing away in front of a cozy fireplace on a cold winter’s day? Or by a bonfire in summer made from the best firewood, you can chop in Romania? The romance and relaxing atmosphere associated with a fireplace is a deep wish for many homeowners to create the house of their dreams. On the other hand, sometimes when you are moving to a new house, you have to leave your old fireplace and all the memories around it behind. Whatever the reason may be, when you want to ship a fireplace internationally to improve the coziness of your home, Eurosender helps you do that. With our network of famous and well-known courier companies, we can offer you the cheapest and most reliable service out there. Read more about all the details of a fireplace or firewood delivery by courier.

To read this article also in Romanian and see a video broadcast from the local TV channel, visit this page here.

Now, you know what are some of the weirdest shipping habits Romanians have. We hope you had a good laugh and you learned that some items are not meant for shipping. We will be doing more of these so stay tuned!

And you? What are the weirdest things you have heard someone was shipping or trying to ship? Which country or region should we write about next time? Tell us in the comments below and maybe we will feature your answer in our next blog post!

Last modified: July 5, 2019

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