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Living abroad might be hard every now and then… There always comes a time when we crave some taste of home. This is, even more, the case during festive periods like Christmas or Easter. So, why not have your family ship you something that would give you the illusion to be home for a short while? We can understand this desire but shipping has become so easy and affordable nowadays that people tend to overuse shipping services. From time to time, someone tries to send a package by courier and doesn’t see any reason why he wouldn’t be able to do it but well… Every once in a while, courier companies have to refuse a shipment because of its content which can definitely be characterized as unusual or even bizarre. Eurosender made a list of the weirdest and funniest things people try to send to and from the Baltic states – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Check them out now!



Shipping food

Even if courier companies don’t recommend to ship packages containing food and consider food as something forbidden from transport, there are so many people who still do it. And well, we understand why. No matter how good a cook you are, you’ll never be able to find all the local ingredients that make a dish or a cake so special! But if you do ship food, please make sure that the food will stay fresh and still comestible for at least a week. After the pickup, deliveries can take up to 5 business days so shipping raw meat by standard courier, for example, might not be a great idea! And on the contrary, shipping canned and packaged foods can be so easy if you pack it properly.

Firearms and other dangerous items

These are strictly forbidden items. Indeed, it is not allowed to ship dangerous items for obvious reasons. Packages go through different depots and are manipulated by several persons. If one of these persons just shake a little bit a package containing those kinds of items, it can put his life in danger. If you are not sure if what you want to send is considered as dangerous, you can always contact us and we’ll be happy to help you by answering all your questions.

Alcohol and drugs

Nowhere you will be able to find as good balsam as the one that is made in Latvia or beers coming from Estonia and Lithuania so why not ship it? Well, shipping alcohol can be a risky deal, not an impossible one but risky for sure. Since alcohol come mainly in glass bottles, you have to be extra careful when packing them for a shipment. They are on the list of prohibited and restricted items with drugs. Sometimes, we have to take a medication that can only be found in certain countries and it can be done with a prescription but I think you’ll agree with us that 58kg of drugs is a bit much.

*Please be aware that if you decide to ship items listed as forbidden, you will be responsible for any damages or expenses incurred.

Now, you know what are some of the weirdest shipping habits of the Baltics nations. We hope you had a good laugh and you learned that some items are not meant for shipping. We will be doing more of these so stay tuned!

And you? What are the weirdest things you have heard someone was shipping or trying to ship? Which country or region should we write about next time? Tell us in the comments below and maybe we will feature your answer in our next blog post!

Last modified: April 15, 2019

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