MRW Courier Services and International Shipping

MRW international shipping and parcel tracking

MRW is a Spanish courier company specialised in express national and international shipping services. MRW operates in Andorra, Spain, Gibraltar, and Portugal directly and on international destinations through their logistics partners. They offer urgent courier and e-commerce services to businesses and individuals, including API integration. Find out more about MRW international shipping services and parcel tracking. Check the best alternatives Eurosender provides and get immediate shipping prices on our booking tool.

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MRW domestic and international parcel delivery services

MRW offers various urgent courier services domestically and abroad through their logistics partners. With MRW you can use domestic shipping services to book deliveries to or from Spain, Andorra, Gibraltar and mainland Portugal.

MRW offers different national same-day pickup and transport services as well as next-day courier delivery for less urgent shipments. Check some of the MRW domestic courier services, delivery times and parcel dimensions:

MRW Courier ServiceMRW Delivery TimeMRW weight & dimensions limits
MRW Urgent Bag TodaySame day pick up and deliveryEnvelopes of up to 2 kg
MRW Right NowImmediate collection and delivery-
MRW Urgent 8:30Next day delivery, before 8:30 amMax. weight: 80 Kg
Max dimension: 300 cm, of combined length, height and width.
MRW Urgent 14Next day delivery, before 2 pmMax. weight: 80 Kg
Max dimension: 300 cm, of combined length, height and width.
MRW Economic2 business daysMax. weight: 80 Kg
Max dimension: 300 cm, of combined length, height and width.

MRW international courier services include Express, Economy, Ecobox 25, Mailing, and Exclusive delivery options. MRW international services cover shipping across Europe, The US, Canada, Mexico and many other countries. The delivery times depend on the MRW courier service you choose and delivery destination.Are you looking for a fast and cost-effective way to ship internationally? Check prices with Eurosender booking tool and order door-to-door delivery in just a few steps.

MRW e-commerce integration and API

MRW offers logistics solutions to businesses and online stores shipping a certain number of small parcels per month. Through their API, online stores can integrate MRW courier services on their pages and increase the efficiency of their sales and delivery processes.

Besides API integration, MRW also offers Parcel Tracking, signature upon delivery and Cash on Delivery options in certain regions.

MRW international parcel tracking and statuses

When shipping with MRW domestically or internationally, you get a unique tracking number. To track your package online, enter the MRW tracking number on the company’s website. After that, you will be able to check the location and status of your parcel. MRW parcel tracking tool also allows you to track the shipment in real-time and to check if there are any problems during delivery. To learn more about parcel delivery statues, you can visit our dedicated page.


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FAQs about MRW international shipping, courier services and discounts

How long does it take for MRW to deliver a package?
MRW delivery time depends on the shipping service and destination country. Urgent national shipments in Spain or Portugal are delivered in 24-48 hours. International shipping with MRW will take 3-5 days for deliveries across Europe, and up to 15 days when shipping overseas.
Does MRW provide packaging materials and boxes?
Yes, MRW offers its own range of packaging in different shapes and sizes for national and international shipping. You can purchase envelopes, bottle boxes, and cardboard boxes of different sizes from MRW. To check MRW packaging rates, visit the nearest MRW post office or call +34 91 829 66 89. Alternatively, you can buy boxes and other packing materials in a store near you.
Does MRW deliver on weekends?
No. MRW doesn’t provide courier services on weekends. However, for some of the MRW national express services, Saturday collection is possible. In this case, your package will be delivered on Monday.
Can I get a discount for shipping with MRW?
MRW offers some discounted services for Spanish students and teachers abroad. MRW provides 50% discount for shipments booked by students’ relatives with Economy service.
Non-profit bookstores and publishers can also benefit from MRW courier services, including:
  • Urgent 19 with a discount of 53.40% on the Official Rate.
  • International (Express and Economy (Ecopaq) with a discount of up to 20%.
At Eurosender we partner with multiple student associations offering discounts for shipping from one single suitcase to a whole bedroom. Find out how to get a discount here.
Can I send my pet with an MRW courier?
Yes, MRW offers unique Pet transport service across Spain and overseas. MRW transports animals in special vehicles with air and temperature-controlled environment. To order pet transport with MRW, you need to provide the following documents:
  • Health Card or Passport
  • CITES Certificate
  • Sanitary Guide
  • Or any other similar document that certifies the legality of the transport.
To transfer your pet, you have to call your MRW office or +34 91 829 66 89 and request its collection.
Does MRW provide eCommerce logistics solutions?
MRW offers local and international shipping options for businesses and eCommerce. Depending on the time-sensitivity of your shipment, you can choose express or economy option. MRW also provides transport solutions for eCommerce of different sizes and shipping needs: Start Up (1-25 monthly shipments), Business (25-500 monthly shipments), Professional (more than 500 monthly shipments).
Businesses can organise delivery with MRW in a specific time frame and Saturday deliveries. However, with MRW for eCommerce, you can only ship to 45 countries. If you want to make your business global, check Eurosender shipping services. Explore the list of benefits and transport options we provide for businesses.
Can I ship parcels with MRW to UK after Brexit?
Although Brexit has had a big impact on international logistics, shipping with MRW to the UK after Brexit is still possible. However, all packages sent to and from the UK will have to go through customs before entering the EU. During this process, VAT charges and other custom duties may arise. If you want to know more about shipping with MRW or other couriers to the UK after Brexit, you can check our guide here.

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Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research conducted in November 2020. For more information about MRW international shipping services, MRW parcel tracking, MRW eCommerce solutions, MRW express deliveries, we strongly recommend checking the courier company’s official website.