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Ship Skis to Europe

There are many popular ski resorts in Europe and every year thousands of skies make the climb up to each of their summits. We know that one of the biggest hurdles is finding the best way to bring the skis along with you due to their length. Next time when you plan a ski trip, have in mind that you have the option to send your ski equipment through Eurosender to any mountain resort in Europe, thus freeing yourself from the hassle of carrying them along with you through the airport We utilize our extensive knowledge and international courier network to take the weight of carrying your sports gear and paying additional airport fees off your shoulders. Your skis will be collected from your doorstep and delivered straight to the ski resort. Your only worry will be planning the best vacation and choosing the best slopes. Check the delivery address thoroughly to make sure that the courier driver won’t have any troubles locating the place. Through Eurosender, the shipping process is made simple and you will soon learn that the costs to ship skis within Europe are affordable. Your shipment comes with a basic insurance that can be upgraded. We do advise taking out this additional insurance, this way should anything impede the transit of your previous skies, you’ll be suitably covered. You won’t have to worry about the way back home either. You can save the hassle and have your skis simply shipped back to your doorstep.

Cost to Ship Skis

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Check how much it costs to ship skis to any country within the EU with the help of our search engine. Check the measurements accurately and if your skis don’t fit the standard dimensions, our team of experts will prepare for you a unique personal offer.

Shipping Skis Around EU Member Countries

Shipping in more than 25 European countries

No matter the slopes you’re heading to, as long as the destination is easily reachable and the weather conditions favourable, your skis can be sent via courier services. The only rule is not to leave it to the last minute and book the shipping in a way that guarantees your ski’s delivery at least one business day before your arrival.

Ship Skis in Europe Effortlessly

As an avid skier, when planning a winter vacation to a mountain resort, you don’t want to leave your personal skis at home. Plan ahead to ship them but don’t forget to check the accessibility of the mountain resort. Shipping your skis in advance is a golden rule in ensuring no external factors create unexpected delays.

How Does it Work?

Shipping skis internationally from the comfort of your home is fast and secure. Booking the service and following the transit to its destination are both done simply, online. Extend your coverage for only few euros and your skis will have extra protection. You can always reach us for more instructions.

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