How to Pack and Ship Baked Goods Overseas

Send baked goods domestically or abroad safely

Are you looking for the best way to organise shipping of baked goods such as homemade cookies or biscuits to someone by mail? Get informed about how to ship baked goods within a country or overseas safely. Explore experts’ tips on how to pack cupcakes, desserts, and other baked goods before sending them by post or courier.

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How to send baked goods domestically or overseas by courier?

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How to pack baked goods for safe shipping

When sending brownies, pies, or other baked goods overseas, make sure you pack them properly. Follow these instructions and prepare your baked goods for shipping safely:

  1. Place your baked goods in a plastic food container. (Consider freezing them prior to collection).
  2. Wrap the food container with bubble wrap
  3. Nest the container in a cardboard box filled with cushioning materials.
  4. Seal the box. You can also add a warning saying “Fragile” or “Handle with care” on the box.

How to pack cookies, cupcakes or biscuits to send in the mail

Many people mail homemade cookies, biscuits and cupcakes to their relatives or friends internationally. To protect your goods for shipping, check these packing tips:

  1. Place the cookies, biscuits or any other small baked goods in a food container. Bubble wrap the container carefully and seal with tape.
  2. Place the container with cookies, biscuits, or cupcakes into a shipping box.
  3. Add cushioning materials such as bubble wrap or packing peanuts.
  4. Close and seal the box and secure the edges.


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FAQs about sending brownies, cookies and other baked goods overseas or across the country

Can I book courier services for sending baked goods to soldiers?
Many people decide to ship baked goods overseas even if most couriers and post offices consider these items as restricted. Before sending baked goods to soldiers by courier, make sure you have packed your shipment properly so that it is not likely to cause any damage during transit. It is not recommended to ship perishable or temperature-sensitive products. If you decide to book a shipment with Eurosender, you can check the estimated delivery time on our website.
Are insurance options available when sending baked goods overseas?
As baked goods are perishable items, most courier companies don’t recommend shipping them. However, people do still choose to ship baked goods at their own responsibility. If you decide to mail baked goods, insurance won’t apply to your shipment.
How to ship cheesecake in the mail without melting?
Shipping cheesecakes in the mail can be tricky. Still, many people decide to send baked cheesecakes to their family members or friends by post or courier. You can use dry ice packs around the cheesecake or place it a styrofoam cooler to keep it cool during transport. However, these precautions do not guarantee your shipment will arrive undamaged and without restriction to the destination.
How to ship cupcakes in a jar through the mail?
Some people choose to ship cupcakes in jars to ensure additional safety during transit and to pack cupcakes easier. To do this, opt for plastic jars instead of glass ones for your cupcakes and freeze them for some time. Then place the cupcakes in the jars and close the lids tightly,bubble wrap the jars separately, place them into a shipping box with cushioning materials. Close and seal the box.
How do you mail chocolate chip homemade cookies without breaking?
When it comes to mailing cookies, make sure they completely cooled down first. Pair the cookies with flat bottoms placed together and wrap the pairs with plastic wrap or foil. Place the cookies in a food container – put crunchy cookies on top. Put bubble wrap or sheets of waxed paper to separate the layers. Place the container into a shipping box, add more cushioning materials, close it and seal it.
What are the best baked goods to mail?
The best baked goods for shipping are those which don’t tend to melt fast and don’t have perishable decorations such as cream and frosting. It is better to send sturdy baked goods such as cookies, pound cakes, cupcakes, brownies, bread without yeast, muffins, and bars.
How much does it cost to send cookies in the mail?
The price for sending cookies depends on the destination, weight, and type of service you choose. With Eurosender, you can check the immediate price for sending cookies to someone in just a few clicks. Check with our booking tool how much it costs to send cookies by courier and book the delivery at low rates.
Take into consideration these guidelines when shipping baked goods. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. In case you decide to send baked goods, Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the transportation of your shipment.