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As remote bidding becomes increasingly popular, buyers expect a trustworthy auction shipping service that handles all aspects of the delivery securely and professionally. Eurosender fulfils this need through our collaboration with top international courier companies.

Follow our guidelines and book reliable auction courier services in just a few clicks.


Auction courier services in Europe and internationally

We offer collection and delivery services from auction houses around the world. Book an auction shipping service in less than 5 minutes:
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What to consider when booking auction shipping services

Proper preparation is essential when shipping to or from an auction house. The following guidelines will assist you in ensuring that your shipment is successful:

  • Collection and delivery at the auction house by a third party – If you cannot be present, you will need to arrange for another person to wait for the auction collection service. Make sure that the item is adequately packed for shipping. You can either pack it yourself or coordinate this with the auction house.
  • Provide accurate address details – When booking your shipment, insert complete and correct address information to avoid any issues. Provide the contact details of a staff member at the auction house who can assist with the shipment.
  • Customs documentation and procedures – If you are shipping internationally to or from an auction house, check in advance which shipping documentation will be required to prevent unnecessary customs delays at the border.
  • Insurance – Most shipments arranged through Eurosender are covered by our standard insurance, with additional insurance available for purchase during the order process.

Popular items for shipping to and from auction houses

To make the process of shipping items for auctions easier, we have compiled packing guides for different items. Explore our guides by clicking on the links below:

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How to provide an address for auction shipping services

When scheduling an auction collection service, ensure that you provide the exact location where your item will be held and the contact details of the person responsible for handing it to the courier driver.

Accurately providing these details is crucial in ensuring that the pick-up runs smoothly:

    1. Country
      Choose the country of pick-up/delivery.
      Ex.: United Kingdom
    2. Name & Surname
      Add the full name of the staff member responsible for handling your shipment, as well as the name of the auction house.
      Ex: John Turner, Christie’s London
    3. Address
      Fill out the street name in full and the number. Check their website to make sure it is correct.
      Ex.: 8 King Street, St James’s, London
    4. Additional info – Optional
      Here you can add additional information, such as a reference number or alternative contact details. Bear in mind that the courier doesn’t always take this information into consideration.
    5. Ex.: Lot. No. 46587703

    6. Zip/post code
      Add the zip/post code and make sure it is correct.
      Ex: SW1Y 6QT
    7. Town/city
      Add the full name of the town or city.
      Ex.: London
    8. Phone number
      Add the phone number, change the area code if needed.
      Ex.: +44(country code) XXX XXX XXXX

    Courier service providers are not obliged to contact you by phone. In case they decide to do so, only local phone numbers will be contacted.

Shipping expensive items to or from an auction

When you book auction courier services with Eurosender, you are guaranteed safety and reliability!

We partner with the most reputable logistics companies in the industry to provide shipping services to and from any auction house worldwide.
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FAQ on auction courier services in Europe and internationally

Do auction courier services provide packing materials or assistance?
No, packing services are not included in the courier's price, so you will need to arrange to pack your items for shipping from the auction house.
It is best to contact the specific auction house to clarify their procedures, including whether they offer packing services for shipping items with third-party couriers and how coordination would work with them.
What is the best way to ship large items with auction courier services?
You can transport large, bulky items with our Van Delivery or Pallet Delivery options, depending on the shape. For example, you may be able to ship a canvas painting on a pallet, but van transport may be the best way to ship pieces of furniture.
If you need advice on choosing the right auction shipping and delivery services, don't hesitate to contact us via chat!
Is there any insurance for items shipped to or from an auction by courier?
Although many auction courier services include insurance coverage as part of their offer, this coverage does not apply to restricted or prohibited items.
It is important to carefully review the terms and conditions of both the shipping countries and the chosen courier company to understand the extent of the insurance coverage provided and whether it applies to your specific item.