Shipping to and from Auction Houses

Courier delivery for auction houses and bidders

Auctions are a great way to find rare, one-of-a-kind items you wouldn’t normally find anywhere else, but how do you go about arranging courier delivery from auction houses and what is the best way to pack and ship items to auction houses safely? At Eurosender, we know how to pack and ship a range of different items for shipping to many destinations, and shipping to and from auction houses is just one of them. Follow our handy guidelines for shipping to auctions and book low-cost and reliable courier delivery for auction houses and bidders with us, in just a few clicks.


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Shipping to and from auction houses – worldwide

Whether you need to organise freight shipping from the local police auction, courier collection from an up-market auction house or you need to arrange transport for donations to a nearby charity auction, look no further. Eurosender has a solution to suit all kinds of auction items, big or small. Discover the best way to ship to and from auction houses anywhere in the world, with our network of the best logistics providers:

Express service

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Standard shipping

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Freight Service

Send bigger shipments and furniture on pallets
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Dedicated Van Delivery

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What to consider before booking auction courier services

You may not have even won your item yet, but before you start bidding, there are a few things you’ll need to think about, in order to protect your new acquisition. These include:


You will need to pack your item carefully, to ensure its safety during transport. If your item is large, consider shipping it on a pallet from the auction house. Check out our packing guidelines to help you pack and ship items from auction houses.

Prohibited and restricted items

You might have just won a rare samurai sword which is for ornamental purposes, but is it permitted to be shipped by couriers? Be sure to check your item is not considered prohibited or restricted to ship before booking auction courier services.


All shipments arranged through Eurosender are covered by our standard insurance, but you can easily purchase additional insurance at low prices.

Important information when shipping pallets and other auction items from an auction house

Providing correct contact details for collection and delivery
Giving accurate contact details, including local telephone numbers of the person who will be present on collection, and on arrival is important in case the courier decides to call for any reason regarding your delivery.
Incorrect delivery entrance
Most convention centres have multiple loading docks, to cater to the many exhibitors shipping displays and products ahead of the trade show, all at the one time. Be sure to provide your allocated dock number before shipping exhibits and materials to trade shows by courier.
Dimensions of the shipment and any additional requirements
When booking courier collection from an auction house, provide all correct measurements of the item including size and weight in order to book the right shipping service. Additional surcharges may apply if the item is not the stated weight or if additional lifts are required.
Correct collection and delivery address
Make sure your auction courier service knows exactly where to deliver, including full address information including building and complex names, floor number, room and item numbers, to avoid failed collection and delivery.

Providing address information to auction courier services

  1. Country
    Choose the country of pick-up/delivery.
    Ex.: Hong Kong
  2. Name & Surname
    Add the full name of the consignee.
    Ex.: John Choo, Christie’s Hong Kong Limited
  3. Address
    Fill out the street name in full and the number.
    Ex.: 22nd Floor, Alexandra House, 18 Charter Road, Central
  4. Additional info – Optional
    Here you can add additional information about the address or consignee. Keep in mind that the courier doesn’t always take this info in consideration.
    Ex.: Lot. No. 46587703
  5. Zip code
    Add the zip code, please double check if it’s the right one.
    Ex.: 999077
  6. Town/city
    Add the full name of the town or city.
    Ex.: Central District, Hong Kong
  7. Phone number
    Add the phone number, change the area code if needed.
    Ex.: +852 2760 1766

If you are unsure about anything during the booking process, reach out to our experts who will be happy to discuss your shipment to or from the auction house further.

What kinds of items do people pack and ship from auction houses?

There is all manner of different auctions out there, depending on your budget and interests. Here are just some items which are commonly put up for auction:

Artwork, antiques and rare sculptures
High-end bidders who want to know the best way to pack and ship rare paintings, antique items and art sculptures, should check out our dedicated pages.
Goods from police auctions
Ever wonder what happens to used police equipment or police evidence when it is no longer needed? If they are legal to sell, they are placed up for auction. Book a courier collection from a police auction or for a larger item, book a freight shipment from a police auction and ship your new item on a pallet from the auction house safely.
Discarded or abandoned luggage, estate items and storage unit belongings
Often when luggage is lost by airlines, or when someone doesn’t come to collect their baggage or items from a storage facility, after some time, they may be sent to auction. You can arrange low-cost shipping for your auction luggage or removals for storage unit and estate auctions on our dedicated pages.

Frequently asked questions about courier delivery for auction bidders

Do auction houses or auction house courier services provide packaging materials for auction objects?

You will need to arrange to pack your items for shipping from the auction house, as most do not provide packaging materials for auction objects nor do they usually pack the item for you when using an outside courier company.

Some auction houses have their own in-house courier for delivery available to auction bidders, but these can be very expensive. When booking a courier collection from an auction house with Eurosender, you can be sure you are getting the best price available, with a trusted and renowned logistics service provider comparable to in-house auction courier services.

What is the best way to pack large auction pieces for courier collection and delivery to and from auction houses?
The best way to prepare an oversized auction piece is to ship it on a pallet to or from the auction house. You can also get instant prices for pallet shipping on selected routes, which will save you time, as well as money when shipping with us. For detailed instructions on how to prepare a pallet to ship from an auction house, see our dedicated pages.
What is the best way to ship multiple large auction pieces to and from auction houses within Europe?

The fastest and most direct way to transport auction pieces in one go is to arrange a courier collection from an auction house by booking a van delivery within Europe. With a van delivery, there are no stopovers, as the entire van is reserved for your shipment to or from the auction house only. Because it is solely reserved by you, there is minimal packing and labelling required, however, we do always recommend preparing your shipment carefully, with packaging materials appropriate for your auction objects, to minimise the risk of damage during transport.

If you need any more information about shipping to and from an auction house with Eurosender, reach out to our experts, who can provide advice whenever you need it.