How to Transport a Mobility Scooter. Delivery Services

Transport a mobility scooter internationally

Get professional logistics solutions and access to low-cost delivery services when organising the transportation of mobility scooters. Eurosender offers international shipping services, packaging tips and already negotiated prices from the best couriers. Get informed about how to transport a motorised or folding mobility scooter safely and book shipping in just a few clicks. Eurosender will take care of the rest!

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Delivery services of mobility scooters for businesses

For store owners and distributors of mobility scooters, Eurosender provides cost-effective shipping options. Create a free business account and get access to your personal logistics dashboard. Manage your orders easily, keep invoices and shipping information in one place, organise deliveries of mobility scooters to any destination and expand your business globally.
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How to transport a mobility scooter by courier

Through the Eurosender platform, you can choose between multiple shipping options for transporting mobility scooters internationally:
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How to pack a mobility scooter for shipping on a pallet

To prepare a mobility scooter for transportation on a pallet, check these following instructions prepared by the experts:

  1. Fold the mobility scooter if possible and detach the seat and other loose parts.
  2. Bubble wrap the detachable elements and mobility scooter.
  3. Place the mobility scooter and its parts in the sturdy shipping box.
  4. Fill the voids with packing peanuts or bubble wrap and seal the box.
  5. Place a cardboard sheet on the pallet surface and nest the box on it.
  6. Wrap the mobility scooter with foam wrap or moving blankets.
  7. Fix the mobility scooter with stretch foil and straps on the pallet.


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FAQs about transportation of mobility scooters domestically or abroad

What are the insurance options when transporting a mobility scooter by courier?
When you book the delivery of a mobility scooter with Eurosender, your shipment is automatically insured with the basic coverage included in the price. You can purchase additional insurance options during the order process.
Can I transport an auto-folding mobility scooter abroad in a box?
The service for transporting the auto-folding mobility scooter depends on the shipment’s dimensions and weight. If you are shipping a light mobility scooter that can fit the limitations for the Standard or Express service, then you can send it in a box. Otherwise, request an individual offer and our experts will provide you with the best solution. Check which service you should select for the transport of the mobility scooter with our online checker.
How to ship a used mobility scooter without the original box?
If you want to organise the transport of a used mobility scooter without its original package, you can use any other sturdy enough cardboard box. Make sure the box is big enough to contain the mobility scooter and cushioning materials.
What’s the best way to transport a large number of mobility scooters from one location to another?
When you need to ship mobility scooters in bulk or organise a removal service for your store within Europe, the Van service is right for you. It is the most convenient way to move multiple bulky or heavy items directly to the destination point without stop-overs and space sharing. When shipping mobility scooters overseas, get in touch with our experts and get a personalised offer tailored to your request.
Can you take a motorised mobility scooter on an airplane?
Yes, you can take a motorised mobility scooter on a plane if the batteries are removed. Make sure to inform your airline about travelling with a mobility scooter at least 48 hours before your flight. Alternatively, you can book Eurosender shipping service and get door-to-door delivery of your mobility scooter with the best couriers.